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Culture Shock Jewelry

Featured Guest: Culture Shock

Want a little more with your jewelry? You’re not alone. When Christine Alexis started Culture Shock she set out on a mission to fuse jewelry design with social justice. Believing in giving back to the local community and the countries that provide her materials, a portion of the proceeds from every Culture Shock purchase go to […] Read more…


Culture Shock Kickstarter Launch Party

CultureShock, an internationally inspired jewelry line based out of New Orleans, will be having a Kickstarter to raise funds for their royalty inspired line, Rānī (रानी), (Hindi for queen).
The event is free and is a way of saying thank you for all of your support!  Read more…


Workspace Tour: Mignon Faget

Last week Hattie, Julia and I were treated to a most inspiring peek inside the creative world of Mignon Faget. Since I can remember, my grandmother, aunts, mother and just about every New Orleans lady I can recall has worn, adored and raved about Mignon Faget’s jewelry and home designs. A New Orleans legend, Mignon […] Read more…