Home Tour: Lauren Lagarde

Cure. Bellocq. The Hotel Modern. Krewe Sunglasses. Loomed. Any of those names ring a bell? For folks in New Orleans, they should. As the publicist of these fine brands (and many others) Lauren Lagarde has her taste-making work cut out for her. Heading up the public image of such high end brands requires a decidedly […]

Garage Sale finds

Coffee Table & Bar Decor: Tips For Making It Work

Maybe it’s because I’ve been binging on Project Runway episodes, but I felt it was time for another “make it work” post. We’ve all seen those magazine tutorials on how to arrange those common table top areas in your home – specifically the coffee table and bar area. I have a few tips of my […]

Decorating around an AC

Adventures in Apartment Decorating: Hiding a Wall AC Unit

New York apartment dwellers have to deal with decorating around their radiators. Here in NOLA and other hot as hell Southern cities, some must deal with the window box or wall mounted AC unit. I just recently moved into a new studio that I’m desperately in love with. The only downside? It doesn’t  have central […]

MAR HOME 1 DSC08498 copy

Home Tour – Marianne Angeli Rodriguez

Welcome to our very first home tour. We couldn’t have picked a more delightfully tailored and eclectic home to start this new series than that of the lovely Marianne Angeli Rodriguez. Marianne owns and operates Markette NOLA where she offers fashion illustration and creative services. She was kind enough to give us a tour of […]

ALH gone pickin_Vintage tin

Gone Pickin’ In Ponchatoula

One thing I get asked time and time again is, “where do you find all of your antique furniture?” Truth be told, I find it EVERYWHERE. After all, it is my job.  I am constantly scouring Craigslist, flea markets, antique stores, estate sales, garage sales, ummm, the side of the road, to find that next […]

Get The Look For Less

Get The Look For Less – Part 2

Get ready for the second installment of our Get The Look For Less series – this one is from Mrs. Vintage. We live in a (tiny!) traditional New Orleans shotgun apartment where space is extremely limited. I carved out this little nook by the largest window in the house a few months back when I […]


Budget Bathroom Before & After

Who doesn’t want a beautiful, luxurious bathroom. When we bought our house, the bathrooms had all been remodeled, but not in a way that many would have liked. The main bathroom was chock full of what a friend called “a variety of skin tones” – not cute! So after getting an astronomical estimate from a […]

Get the Look for Less - Dominique

Get The Look For Less

At a recent ALH team meeting the ladies expressed the desire to be a little more “real” in our posts. We know you love looking at all those oh so amazing pictures on design and lifestyle blogs as much as we do. But let’s face it, that stuff can be intimidating. (Yes, even us bloggers […]

Jean-Léon Gérôme's Duel After The Masquerade

3 Ways To Get Amazing Art On The Cheap

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a big fan of decorating on the cheap – using what you have and finding unique pieces in unusual places. One of the main issues I hear time and again from decoristas is that finding unique and interesting wall art is hard when your funds are […]

The Great Indoors

Our Most Wanted Looks For the Home

With the new year creeping up upon us, like most people I’m inspired to reinvent and make some changes in my life. When I want a new outlook on my life I start in the home. Changing up your home decor can provide you with a new perspective and give you the inspiration you need […]


Hattie Sparks Boutique Opening Party

For the opening night party of her boutique, Hattie Sparks requested the services of A Little Happy to assist her with the party decor, food and beverage. Taking the design aesthetic of the shop into account we pinned event ideas onto a Pinterest board and collaborated with Hattie on her desires and tastes for the […]